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With Marvels "Civil War" coming May 6th, 2016, many people are asking what causes the war between Captain America and Tony Stark. The following memes and gifs are NOT the causes...

I found these funny memes on Tumblr and took the liberty of turning most of them into GIFs. No need to thank me... >_<

Sit back, laugh, and enjoy!

Does Marvel have enough female characters?

Ouch Tony! We know you're a womanizer but jeez... This only works because Pepper Potts is all the "woman" Tony needs (>_<) <3


Tonys right guys...seriously...

In the feels

OH SNAP! That one stung! Low blow Cap!

The Academy's Nominees

Nope nope nope nooooooopeeee...

Pepsi or Coke?

Red/Iron Man/Coke VERSUS Blue/Captain America/Pepsi? I think so!

Boromir: villain or hero?

Tony needs to re-watch LOTR! (Also Bruce Banner is my spirit animal in this GIF)

That last pizza roll...

Me and Tony simply wouldn't be friends after this.

Wanna build a snowman?

Says the man frozen in ice for 70 years...Zing!

Bing? Really?!

WHO THE HELL USES BING!? Like seriously?


Chill Tony, he's just not hungry! Caps gotta wait at least 30 minutes before eating after being underwater for 70 years!!!

Beyonce or Minaj?

If Beyonce and Nicki Minaj had a real life Civil War idk what I'd do...but I'd definitely watch the hell out of that movie! MARVEL C'MON LET'S GO MAKE THE BEYONCE VS. MINAJ MOVIE!!!

Bucky or Tony?

The WINTER Soldier is HOTTER than you...HA!

I'm still laughing over here! These are great! Thanks Tumblr, you never seem to disappoint!


Who's side are you on?


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