ByMaria Urduja Osit-Li, writer at
A Dark Horse/Wild Card
Maria Urduja Osit-Li

Korean Actor Lee Min Ho plays an orphan-turned-gangster in the upcoming “Gangnam 1970,” an action noir film that depicts Korea's tumultuous history and Seoul‘s present day high end district. Playing the central protagonist; but the role saddened him.

“I think there is a sense of violence deep inside all human beings,” in between fighting stances during the interview, “ It was the first time I had to tap into my own inner cruelty. It was definitely mentally grueling, he said ”

Known as the “City Hunter” and his role in "Faith." Min Ho played out TV roles before this project, and was not even the original lead character says Director Yoo Ha, His Wife an avid Min Ho fan pestered him for 2 years and was glad he casted Lee Min Ho in the lead role, the whole Jong Dae character was molded out well into the film.


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