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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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(Warning: This article includes a horrible gif of a massive spider. If arachnids aren't you're thing, I'm putting another warning further below, 'cause it is gross. Like real gross.)

If you were planning on having the weekend to yourself with some takeout, a few scary films and the curtains drawn and taped, extinguishing all light, I'd commend you on that! Sounds like a great idea, it's been a long week, you deserve it.

So, while you're at the office, watching the seconds pass like hours, dreaming of all the ethereal encounters your TV or laptop will drag you through later, here are some incredibly creepy gifs to tide you over until the darkness comes. I mean sunset, not a literal shadow demon that has a thirst for your soul or something...

Enter at your own peril, muhahahahaha...

Even Demons Need A Little Lovin'

It looks so happy to be finally receiving some warm attention! Bless its demonic cotton socks.

Damn, That Ghost Is Fast

I guess she just wants a hug too. I understand the girls' apprehension though.

Pay Attention To Me!

I can imagine the little girl's creepy doppelganger has a terrible case of halitosis.

Shotgun Fail

I mean you wouldn't hesitate to use the gun, would you?

This Isn't Fun Anymore

She needs to up her hide and seek game.

Lend Me Some Sugar

I am your neighbor...

Midnight Snack

Or has it just thrown up a human?

What Am I Looking At Here?

Is that dust mote a spirit of the dead?

Here Comes The Spider Mama...

It's literally the creepiest thing in this article. Unless you don't have a fear of these incredible beasties, then it's just awesome. Steady yourself, sailor...

Spider-Mom, Spider-Mom

I... I can't...

Has that sated your appetite for creepy things? Perhaps for the time being? I'm gonna go have a long shower and sing Disney songs to purge the horror from my mind.


Which was your favorite creep?


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