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A lot of our first crushes were gorgeous cartoon women, but the sad fact that they are fictional doesn't have to be an obstacle to meeting them in real life!

After all of the positive attention that my real-life Jessica rabbit article received last week, I've decided to branch out and showcase women from around the world who have transformed themselves into cartoon lovelies.

So let's see what seven of the most common cartoon crushes look like in real life!

1. Jessica Rabbit

Image: Yaya Han

The real-life Jessica Rabbit, Kelly Lee Dekay, might have used extreme waist training to get her look, but you can also be a lookalike without permanently altering your body.

Cosplayer Yaya Han achieved her eye-catching look with plenty of padding and three wonderbras, and the Human Chameleon below has given herself an impressive facial transformation using only cosmetics. Amazing!

Image: Human Chameleon

But let's not forget our original on-screen crush!

2. Lola Bunny

Redditors famously pointed out that Natalie Dormer of Game of Thrones fame looks just like the foxy Lola Bunny, and the image above proves that they were totally right!

Although there isn't anyone out there professing to be the real-life Lola Bunny, I think cosplayer xAleux pulls off the mixture of sassy, cute, and sexy with aplomb.

Image: xAleux of Deviantart

3. Lara Croft

Image: Game Spy

We all know that Angelina Jolie famously wriggled into Lara Crofts combat hot pants, but British model Karima Adebibe has also had her turn at portraying the busty tomb raider.

Adebibe was selected to represent Lara Croft between the years of 2006 and 2008 during a promotional tour for Tomb Raider: Legend, and she certainly has the attitude to pull the part off!

Image: Tomb Raider Evolution

4. Ariel

Image: Traci Hines

When it comes to Ariel lookalikes, the only name that matters is Traci Hines.

This under the sea obsessive has dedicated her life to mimicking The Little Mermaid and she has even made her own Ariel themed music video!

Image: Traci Hines

5. She-Ra

Image: Lady Lemon Cosplay

It should come as no surprise that She-Ra is a wildly popular cosplay, but choosing the best lookalikes was a difficult task... Mainly because She-Ra doesn't have the most distinct face.

That being said, Lady Lemon and Fire Lily are rocking the look better than most, wouldn't you agree?

Image: Fire Lily Cosplay

6. Elsa

Image: Anna Faith Carlson

Elsa from [Frozen](movie:411685) captivated the nation, and Anna Faith Carlson followed shortly after!

This 18-year-old Elsa lookalike was propelled to fame after a friend took a picture of her standing next to a cardboard cut out of the Disney ice queen and she now uses her picture perfect looks to entertain children is hospitals for charity.

Image: Anna Faith Carlson

7. Daphne

Image: Ari Jay

Daphne from Scooby Doo has been setting adolescent hearts alight for decades and she is still a hugely popular character to portray in the cosplay world.

Ari Jay has chosen to show Daphne is a sweet and sophisticated light, but Biance Beauchamp isn't afraid to show off the character's more foxy side in latex.

Image: Latex Lair

But can she sing as well as her cartoon counterpart?


Who was your childhood cartoon crush?


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