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A true relic of '90s culture, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is no doubt one of the funniest shows to have ever graced TV, despite it premiering almost 25 years ago!

The super charismatic badass of royalty, Will Smith, dominated the screen with his larger than life presence, so it's easy to forget that the show also featured some incredible A-list cameos, courtesy of stars like Queen Latifah and Tyra Banks. The drop-dead gorgeous female cast have come a long way in a quarter of a decade (wow I feel old!), so how are they doing now?

Well, these timeless beauties might have aged, but they certainly haven't lost it. Here are the babes of Bel-Air, then and now...

Karyn Parsons

Character: Hilary Banks

First Appearance: The Fresh Prince Project (Season 1, Episode 1)

Fun Fact: Parsons has played the same character on three different series' - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Blossom and Out All Night.

Tyra Banks

Character: Jackie Ames

First Appearance: Where There's a Will, There's a Way: Part 1 (Season 4, Episode 1)

Fun Fact: Tyra Banks was the first African-American model to appear on the cover of the Victoria's Secret catalog.

Nia long

Character: Lisa Wilkes

First Appearance: Will's Misery (Season 5, Episode 6)

Fun Fact: Lisa was originally slated to be played by Jada Pinkett, but she never met the height requirements.

Naomi Campbell

Character: Helen

First Appearance: Kiss My Butler (Season 1, Episode 10)

Fun Fact: Naomi Campbell's Vivienne Westwood platform heels that she fell over in on a 1993 runway are so famous that they're are on display in a museum.

Vivica Fox

Character: Janet

First Appearance: It Had To Be You (Season 1, Episode 19)

Fun Fact: Fox was chosen by 'People' magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.

Queen Latifah

Character: Marissa Redman / Dee Dee

First Appearance: Working It Out (Season 1, Episode 25)

Fun Fact: The producers must have seen Queen had a natural presence in sitcoms, too, given the fact she played two different characters in two different seasons (and later went on to receive her own show in Living Single).

And the Surprise of the Bunch...

Tatyana Ali! Ashley doesn't look anything like you remember her...


Who's the most stunning babe of Bel Air?


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