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Now, when it comes to announcing upcoming superhero movies, some studios are definitely a little more straightforward about it than others.

Marvel Studios, for instance, tends to go for epic, journalist-filled press conferences, and huge, industry defining announcements. Warner Bros (and DC) tends to be a little subtler, but still leans toward the whole 'announce a giant slate of movies all at once' approach.

Sony, though - the holder of the rights to Spider-Man, and all his Spider-Universe buddies? They often seem to take a very different approach - one that can sometimes seem a little...scattershot. Rather than making major announcements of a comprehensive movie line-up, Sony's spider-slate typically seems to be un-officially announced, ever-changing and murkily-defined.

So, when this image...

...appeared on Sony Pictures Brazil's Facebook page, it seemed fair to assume that Sony were officially teasing that Sinister Six movie they've been talking about for a while now - even though it's still kind of unclear whether the movie will ever actually get made.

I mean, sure, the caption roughly translates from the Portuguese as "We have plans for you. Many plans...Spider-Man" but seeing as there's a whole lot of doubt floating around about whether Sony actually has any plans to make a Spider-Man movie at all, it's a little difficult to take it at face value without a decently sized pinch of salt.

Or a punch of six, for that matter...
Or a punch of six, for that matter...

After all, those plans do definitely seem to include a Sinister Six movie - after all, it's currently set for a November 2016 release - but they also seem to involve a lengthy negotiation with Marvel Studios over the potential loaning out of Spider-Man, or even a co-production deal. Similarly, there's been a whole lot of talk of Andrew Garfield being replaced as the Wallcrawler, and of the franchise being taken in a whole other direction from here on out.

That uncertainty seems to have created a general atmosphere of doubt surrounding the whole Spider-franchise - one in which that new, and seemingly very much official, teaser for Sinister Six seems like less than it actually is.

Because, after all, that's an official piece of promotional material from Sony, directly referencing Spider-Man, featuring Doc Ock's robo-arms.

And that - under any circumstances - is an awesome thing.

Now we just need to hope that the movie actually gets made...

What's your bet, though?


Will we ever actually see a Sinister Six movie?



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