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Earlier this week we posted about how amazing it would be for some of our favorite actors to take up roles as live-action versions of Disney princesses. But while many of the castings were well picked, there was one celebrity who, quite frankly, could have played nearly all of the roles: the wonderful Harry Potter star, Emma Watson.

Check out how good Emma Watson would look as some of the best known Disney characters:

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson was actually slated to play Belle in a live-action adaptation of the movie to be directed by Guillermo del Toro. As perfect as the 24-year-old actress would have been for the role, sadly for us she turned it down. Noooo!

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Uhh, how amazing does a Little Mermaid live-action adaption with Henry Cavill (a.k.a. Superman) and Emma Watson in the main roles sound?!

Red from Little Red Riding Hood

Harpers Bazaar 2008
Harpers Bazaar 2008

This was actually a shoot for Harper's Bazaar way back in 2008 but it might as well be a promo shot for a remake of the 1922 Disney animated Little Red Riding Hood because Emma Watson would be perfection.


Made by DeviantArtist nickelbackloverxoxox
Made by DeviantArtist nickelbackloverxoxox

The live-action verison of [Cinderella](movie:373064) is being released this year with Lily James in the title role, however this was after Emma Watson turned down the role! No! I mean just look how perfect she would have been in the role.


Sure for this role Emma might need to dye her hair (and get a few extensions...) but I'm sure she could really nail Rapunzel's adventurous and bubbly personality!

Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Made by DeviantArtist gogogryffindor
Made by DeviantArtist gogogryffindor

What better actress to play one of the more ethereal Disney characters?!

Wendy Darling from Peter Pan

Made by DeviantArtist saennavi
Made by DeviantArtist saennavi

Ok so maybe Emma Watson would have been a tad more suited to the role a little earlier in her career, but film makers really missed an opportunity here!

Which Disney girl do you think Emma Watson would play the best? Tell me below!

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