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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

Hello horror fans, how was 2014 for you? Sure, the year was a bit of a mixed bag - with the richest movies coming from more leftfield movies such as The Babadook and Blue Ruin - but we still received some awesomely, gruesomely disturbing moments!

One thing's for sure, 2015 is gonna have a hard time topping these disturbing horror movie incidents...

Sausage Severance

Movie: Wolf Creek 2

Ew, What Happened? Jovial pig-and-human butcher Mick chops off a rather large peen from a dead German.

A Lightbulb a day keeps the Doctor away?

Movie: Oculus

Ew, What Happened? That nice girl off of Doctor Who bites into a light bulb, thinking it's an apple.


Movie: Cabin Fever Patient Zero

Ew, What Happened? Dude thinks he is super amazeballs at eating out his girlfriend. He is not. That wetness is oozing, necrotic flesh!

Sadly I cannot find video footage of this portion - I wonder why! - but it looks like this:

As a consolation prize, here's some rotting chicks fighting.

Magic Vadge-Ick

Movie: Honeymoon

Ew, What Happened? That well hot redhead from Game of Thrones has found another bloke who knows nothing; this time it's her unsuspecting husband who ends up tugging a gross wormy fetus chrysalis thing from her lady garden.

Again, no video footage, but here's a similar moment from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday...

Check out the trailer for Honeymoon, an awesomely disturbing movie all round.


What was the most disturbing horror movie moment of 2014?


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