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There are countless billions of hours of video on and offline, and yet not one second of it shows conclusive proof that extra-terrestrial life either exists or has visited us on Earth.

So, last year, when Boyd Bushman - an apparent former Lockheed Martin employee who worked at Area 51 - came forward to deliver a deathbed confessional, it seemed too good to be true for UFO enthusiasts. Not only did Bushman speak for 32 minutes about the aliens he worked with at the top secret facility, but he also brought along his photo collection of the little grey men.

In the interview, Bushman makes many massive claims, including he entered a UFO, spoke with the aliens, and that even 19 people have died defending themselves from such aliens - which are split into two factions: the friendly "wranglers" and the unfriendly "rustlers."

He described the aliens as around four and a half to five feet in height, with five fingers and toes and 2 eyes like us. However, they also have three backbones (made of cartilage), telepathic abilities, and the tendency to float around - which is apparently why they wear dungarees (they're easier to grab that way). Here are some stills from the video, plus the full interview below:

The Alien

The Interview

So, Can It Be True?

Sounds rather convincing doesn't it. 'Bushman' appears to know what he's talking about, while generally he does emit that whole 'wizened old man' vibe which makes him immediately more believable.

And, hey, who knows, maybe this really is a deathbed confessional, but one thing has been pretty well established. Those aren't pictures of aliens.

You see, the alien is in fact a toy you can pick up from Walmart. A Youtuber named JonnOfMars actually posted a video of his little friend to debunk another video claiming to show a dead alien. Check it out below:

Yep, that's quite clearly the alien 'Bushman' claims to have photographed.

Furthermore, you can tell that the scale of 'alien' is nowhere near the 5 feet Bushman mentioned, but much closer to the size of this toy. Look at it in comparison to the size of the human hand.

So, who is this guy? No one's really sure. Perhaps he is Boyd Bushman, and maybe he did work for Lockheed Martin. There are certainly technical patents filled under that name (which you can view here), but conclusive proof is hard to find.

Maybe the Men In Black have covered it all up. Or maybe someone is just pulling a prank?


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Source: TechTimes


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