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Horror movies are great, but sometimes they're not quite enough to get my adrenaline-filled blood really pumping!

Luckily, the world is full of insanely creepy places just begging to be visited by dedicated horror fans. These ones don't even need a movie - they're more than scary enough to give you the chills from just being in their vicinity!

Check out the most terrifying real world locations:

1. Bokor Hill Station

Location: Kampot, Cambodia

Perfect for: Jigsaw's house of death-traps

2. Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

Location: Prypiat, Ukraine

Perfect for: The Hills Have Eyes: Eurotrip

3. Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Perfect for: Eli Roth's 'Hotel'

4. Mirny Diamond Mine

Location: Mirny, Russia

Perfect for: The Descent Part 3

5. The Sedlec Ossuary

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Perfect for: Any cannibal themed romp

6. Seneca Lake Farmhouse

Location: Seneca Lake, New York

Perfect for: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Deliverance

7. Willard Asylum

Location: Willard, New York

Perfect for: The Human Centipede: Tetanus Edition

8. Chateau Miranda

Location: Celles, Belgium

Perfect for: Just about anything scary


Which place would you most like to visit?


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