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The Walking Dead has been on our screens for five years now, in that time we've seen civilization crumble, humanity reduce itself to murder and cannibalism, and zombies taking over vast swathes of America.

But how long does all that actually take?

Although, The Walking Dead has been around for quite a while, the actual show has explored a time period a lot shorter than this. In fact, it seems the whole world went to ruin surprisingly quickly. According to Walking Dead Wikia, the last episode, "Coda," is set 514 days after the initial walker outbreak.

Here is how the various seasons break down.

Season 1

If we discount the flashback sequences, the very first episode, suitably titled "Days Gone Bye," starts on Day +60 after the initial outbreak.

One day later, Rick scores his first zombie kill with a baseball bat, while he also meets Glenn and the other survivors. It also took Lori at least 61 days to get over the loss of her husband, as we see her having a woodland romp with Shane also on this day.

Awkwardly, this the same day Rick's finally re-united with his family.

Season 1 ends on Day +65, meaning the whole thing took less than a week.

Season 2

Season 2 starts immediately from where Season 1 left off, on Day +66. On day +68, Carl is shot and Rick and the gang reach Hershel's Farm, while Glenn and Maggie first hook up on Day (ahem) +69. They certainly weren't wasting any time.

Everything is pretty 'Little House on the Prairie' for a few days until it all hits the fan again on Day +72. On this day we see poor old Sophia stumble out the barn to be met with Rick's trusty sidearm. He later uses this very same gun to shoot two men in a bar on the same day - breaking his rule of not killing the living. All in all, it was a pretty rough day.

From this point, Dale only has 9 days left, as he's bitten and then put out of his misery on Day +81.

Day +82 is another rough one. On this day Rick kills Shane, the farm is overrun, Jimmy is chomped by walkers, and the group becomes separated. Bummer.

The next day the group heads to the highway, while Andrea meets Michonne. Rick announces his dictatorship while the prison looms in the distance.

Season 3

Season 3 shakes up the timeline by jumping ahead a comparatively huge amount of time. Although the outbreak is only 83 days old at the end of season 2, the first episode of Season 3 sees the gang of zombie-killing veterans on (approximately) Day +300.

It's now Spring, and the gang intend to break into the prison, which they do on the next day. Meanwhile, Andrea and Michonne are still paired up and in a dire situation.

Day +311 is a day that will live in infamy. On this day we lose T-Dog and Lori, although we gain Baby Judith. Meanwhile, The Governor is throwing a party in Woodbury, but Michonne decides to leave.

Day +314 is another rough one, as this the day the Governor decides to get payback, taking poor old Axel out in the process.

On Day +316, Rick once again meets Morgan, having last seen him on Day +61.

Rick and the Governor properly meet for the first on Day +319 and, following the failures of those talks, the Governor attacks the prison on Day +322. On this day we also lose Merle and Andrea.

Season 4

The fourth season follows the usual format and carries on directly from season 3 on Day +323. However, there are generally much greater jumps in time between events and episodes.

On Day +360, Rick and Hershel decide to set up the farm and return to a peaceful life.

The next major event comes on Day +493, when Bob is found by Daryl and Glenn. By this point Rick has renounced guns and become a farmer.

Day +501 is another tough one. On this day, a zombified Patrick returns to the prison and several group members are lost. We also learn that a dangerous flu is spreading in the prison.

On Day +503, Carol is banished from the group.

The Governor returns, kills Hershel, breaks up the group, and then eventually gets killed himself on Day +504.

The season ends with Rick's gang reaching Terminus on Day +511.

Season 5

The most recent season is similar to Season 1 in that is condenses much of the action and drama into a shorter period of time. However, we are currently only halfway through the season, so this could change later on.

Season 5 starts on Day +511, with Rick and the gang busting out of Terminus on the same day. Carol is reunited with the group after being away for 8 days - which admittedly did seem a lot longer in the show.

They meet Gabriel on Day +512, while Bob also gets partially cannibalized.

Eugene admits his lie to Abraham and the others on Day +514, which is the same day that Beth is killed by Dawn. Meanwhile, the various groups reunite at the hospital.


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Source: The Walking Dead Wikia


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