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Matt Carter

Check out these 10 hard-core Walking Dead fans and their kick-ass tattoos.

1 - We are the Walking Dead!

Why buy the comic, when you can read your own arm!

(Via Lu_artsaurus)

2 - Bicycle Girl

Creepy and awesome in equal measure!

3 - Bunny Slippers Girl

She wants to eat your face... off!

4 - Sophia

Aww man, now I feel bad for Sophia all over again!

5 - Undead Merle

Am I the only one who misses this guy?

6 - The Holy Trinity of Badass!

That is some serious ink!

7 - Sherriff Rick

It looks as if it came directly from the panel!

8 - Zombie apocalypse

Someone's hungry...

Penny for your thoughts?

Even though this is a tattoo, it still terrifies me!

(Source: ForeverGeek, MTV)

So, which one was your favorite? If you have your own kick-ass Walking Dead tattoo, I'd love you to share an image in the comments below!


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