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Nothing is ever black and white in The Vampire Diaries and even our favorite character could be considered evil, but the guys below are definitely big bads.

The question is, who do you think is the most diabolical villain we've seen so far, or do you think someone else entirely deserves the crown?

This post is all about you, so vote in the poll get debates going on the comments and lets see if we can identify who really is the worst once and for all!


Markos was the leader of the Travelers which make him a villain in more way than one! Along with being the not-so-friendly-face of the most frustrating storyline in Vampire Diaries history, Markos certainly left a legacy with the magic free bubble over Mystic Falls...


The world's first immortal being was also an immortal asshole. His super-strength, super-speed powers make him pretty terrifying, not to mention the fact he can steal people's memories and take on any appearance he chooses.

There is no doubt Silas was deadly, but do you think he was the worst big bad we've seen so far?


Klaus might be part of one of the Vampire Diaries' most popular ships, but he is also a ruthless and impulsive killer who has wrought more destruction than most big bads we have seen in Mystic Falls.

We have cheered for death one more than one occasion, but is he really the biggest evil we've seen yet?


Katherine was the bitch you loved to hate, and there's no denying that she had done some pretty heinous things in her time. Despite all of her wrongdoings, many fans admire Katherine's Petrova fire and he backstory has given a lot of us some sympathy for her.

Do you think Katherine's back catalogue make her the most despicable baddie, or has someone else outdone her?


We haven't know Kai for long, but we already loathe him. Sure he has some good witticisms, but he is one of the only big bads we have seen that doesn't have a particularly tragic backstory to justify his actions.

Kai is psychotic, violent and hungry for power, but can someone who has only been with us for half a season really be the most evil character ever?


Who do you think is the most diabolical Vampire Diaries big bad?


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