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Jim Parsons has won over fans and critics alike with his idiosyncratic yet lovable portrayal of anti-social genius Sheldon Cooper, even taking home a Golden Globe for his top-notch performance in The Big Bang Theory!

But how much do you really know about the man behind the nerd we all love? Parsons seemed to explode on the scene from out of nowhere, so what's his story? Well, here are six incredible facts about the actor that might just surprise you!

1. His Grades Weren't So Great

Despite playing an Ph.D physicist, Parsons actually failed science in college. I guess that makes his acting all that more impressive! He once said in an interview, "I didn't have an interest in the particulars [of meteorology] — but what a wonderful basis for a show."

2. He's Never Seen Star Trek

Sheldon is such a huge fan of Star Trek that he can actually speak Klingon, but Parsons himself has never even seen an episode of the show in his life!

3. He Starred in an Utterly Bizarre Quiznos Commercial

That's right - before Parsons made it big, he was hired to promote sandwiches. He appeared in two versions of the same advert: one that was family friendly, and another that was quite a bit more disturbing, only airing late at night. I'll let you experience it for yourself...

Errm, I'll just pretend I never saw that.

4. He's a Kick-Ass Piano Player

From a young age, Parsons showed a keen interest in the piano, and had lessons for 14 years! When you see him playing on the show, that really is him.

5. His Classmates Thought He Was a Top Guy

Sheldon is the absolute opposite of a warm approachable guy, but Parsons was voted 'friendliest' in his high school graduating class. It must go against his nature to remain so stand-offish on camera all the time!

6. He's of English, Scottish, French and German Ethnicity

That's right - the American actor has a surprisingly varied heritage. I had no idea he was so multi-cultural!


Which fact surprised you the most?


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