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It's a seemingly fundamental truth about successful Hollywood actors - at some point in their past, they will, most certainly, have had a seriously surprising job.

For some, that comes in the form of a strange and unexpected day job, like, say, that time George Clooney worked as a women's show salesman.

For others, that comes in the form of a strange and unexpected acting job, like, say, that time George Clooney played Batman.

For some actors, though, the bigger surprise is actually just how much their entire life seems to have been preparing them for the role that made them famous, like some sort of real-life Slumdog Millionaire.

A perfect example of that?

The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch

Better known to millions of viewers as Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, PhD.

After all, Rauch's career began as...

A Surprisingly Young Stand Up Comedian

As she showed David Letterman last year (Head to around the 1.55 mark for maximum adorableness...).

Though, Rauch was also...

A Talented and Successful Adult Stand Up

As demonstrated by her critically-acclaimed 2005 one-woman play, The Miss Education of Jenna Bush - all about the trials and tribulations of George W. Bush's daughter Jenna...

Soon, though, TV came calling, and...

Rauch Brought the Funny

Back in 2008's ill-fated Kath & Kim, Rauch got the chance to show off her comedic chops - though the show didn't last long enough for her to make too much of an impression on the viewing public.

Come 2009, though...

Rauch Headed to the Big Screen

With a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in the beloved 2009 comedy I Love You Man...

And, that same year, she landed on The Big Bang Theory, in a role that would quickly define her career. At the time, though, she was initially only a recurring character - and she was simultaneously filming parts in other shows, including...

A Whole Lot of Breast-Feeding

Yup, that's right, back in 2010, Rauch played a new mother, who had some...mis-adventures with The Office's Jim and Pam...

The role that could, potentially, have competed with The Big Bang Theory as her big break, though?

True Mother-Vampirin' Blood

Yep, back in 2010's third season of True Blood, Rauch played Summer with the kind of slightly dorky sex appeal that would later stand her in such good stead on The Big Bang Theory.

Take those roles together, though - the lifetime of stand up, the zany Kath & Kim, the high profile of I Love You Man, the gentle mainstream humor of The Office, and the overarching sexiness of True Blood - and y'know what you get?

A perfect actress for The Big Bang Theory...

So, that worked out pretty well then...

What do you guys reckon, though?


What's your favorite early Melissa Rauch role?


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