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Warning: Potential X-Men Apocalypse SPOILERS!

As the pieces begin falling into place for [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267), how close can we expect the film to stay to the source material? "Age of Apocalypse" was a huge storyline that crossed over through many different Marvel books and impacted pretty much everyone in the X-Men universe. Certainly we're not expecting a devout adaptation. But most importantly, we want to know, does Charles Xavier die?

In "Age of Apocalypse", the titular bad guy, set to be played by a recently very busy and geek friendly Oscar Isaac, chooses a particular time to begin his reign of terror - the death of Professor Charles Xavier. In a classic bit of irony, Xavier's son goes back in time with the intention of killing Magneto, but Charles interferes and dies in trying to save him.

R.I.P. Professor Xavier
R.I.P. Professor Xavier

This leaves Magneto in a position to become the new de-facto leader of the X-Men and he quickly goes about trying to do some of his own timeline altering to see if there is hope for Charles as well as dealing with the madness of Apocalypse trying to take over the world and build a new mutant empire.

Will Nightcrawler Return?

Bryan Singer has let us know that he's interested in exploring the younger versions of more characters that we might already be familiar with - such as Cyclops, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler, who seems to be a personal Singer favorite. (Makes sense to me, I always thought he was great in X2.) This nod to Nightcrawler might be a hint that we could be witnessing an Xavier death in Apocalypse as in the comic books, Magneto is the one who sends Nightcrawler on a mission to find Destiny - a mutant who can see into the future.

Also, in the post-credits scene in Days of Future Past, where we are introduced to Apocalypse, we are also given a glimpse of his Horsemen. In "Age of Apocalypse", these flunkies are under a bit of mind-control by Apocalypse and play a big part in trying to stop Nightcrawler and Magneto from restoring a more peaceful Charles Xavier timeline from reestablishing itself.

While it would certainly be unexpected for X-Men Apocalypse to sideline Xavier and James McAvoy for the majority of their film, how cool would it be to see Michael Fassbender's Magneto leading the X-Men team against Apocalypse? McAvoy is great and all but Apocalypse is the kind of guy who deserves the special brand of whoop-ass that Fassbender's capable of.


Do you want to see a Magneto-led X-Men in Apocalypse?


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