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Jerome Maida

"Painkiller Jane" Co-Director (with her sister Jen) Sylvia Soska does not impress easily.

Neither does the co-creator of the film's titular character, Jimmy Palmiotti.

So, when Sylvia Soska heard that Palmiotti had nothing but the highest praise for for for the body of work of both her sister and her - she had a lot of gratitude.

Palmiotti has compared the "Twisted Twins" to both Alfred Hitchcock and John Carpenter based on their work so far.

Sylvia Soska says Palmiotti could not have given her twin sister and her a greater compliment - and that she is determined to make a film worthy of it.

"Jesus, I really gotta knock 'Jane out of the park. That's a huge compliment", says Sylvia Soska. "Both Hitchcock and Carpenter are huge influences on Jen and me - and to be compared to those masters of film making is an honour."

It is that drive that Sylvia Soska says will have the previous live -action efforts featuring "Jane" in the comparative dust.

"Painkiller Jane" is scheduled to hit theaters in either late 2015 or early 2016.


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