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It's been far too many years to count since we've last seen our original trio of Star Wars heroes. (Honestly, it makes me feel really old to count all those years.) While we know for certain that all three will be returning in less than a year (!) in [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158), is there any info or clues out there as to what they've been up to all this time? Well, it would seem that a bounty of possible spoilers have recently surfaced. Tread lightly, young Jedi.

Han Solo - No Longer Flying Solo?

The most persistent rumors are concerning Han Solo as it sounds like he has the biggest role in the new film. It would seem he's left his rogue ways behind and found a career path that has lead him (along with Chewie, yes!) to being the captain of his own re-purposed Star Destroyer. Not bad, Han. Not bad at all. It would also seem, if rumors are true, he finally did get hitched to Leia and they have a daughter, Kira (Daisy Ridley's character). Not that he hasn't been keeping up with repairs on the Millennium Falcon - we've seen a glimpse of it in action from the trailer and in Episode 7 it is still Han's pride and joy.

Did Han Solo sleep his way to the top?
Did Han Solo sleep his way to the top?

Princess Leia - Born Leader?

Of course Princess Leia hasn't simply been Han's doting housewife this whole time. No, that doesn't sound like her at all, does it? More likely is that she's been busy all these years being the leader of a little something called the Republic - perhaps you've heard of it? Yeah, that seems about right. She's a natural leader and I, for one, wouldn't balk at following her orders.

Others that don't seem to mind following her orders in the new film are R2D2 and C3PO. The rumors are that the droids have find their new role in Star Wars 7 as companions to the Republic Leader these days. Not a bad semi-retirement gig for those two.

Nice hermit beard you got there, Luke.
Nice hermit beard you got there, Luke.

Luke in Obi-Wan Mode?

So how has Luke been keeping busy? Well, apparently by not keeping too busy at all. Word on the webs is that Skywalker has been on the DL since the battle at Endor. It would appear he's been following the path of his old friend Obi-Wan by turning into a bit of a recluse and helping train the odd Jedi wannabe here and there. After that nasty bit of business with the Emperor, it seems he's a bit worried about being able to control his powers. But with the help of Han and Kira it sounds like he'll be emerging from solitude as a new threat from the dark side becomes apparent. Maybe Luke will even be bestowing his old lightsaber to Kira early on in the proceedings?

Kira - the new owner of Luke's lightsaber?
Kira - the new owner of Luke's lightsaber?

One of the earliest plot rumors was that the reappearance of Luke's lightsaber will be one of the instigating devices of Star Wars Episode 7. That rumor certainly hasn't gone away and, if anything, seems to be gaining traction. Who knows If any of these leaks are true, but it's a nice plot device to have the finding of Luke's lost lightsaber set the rest of the story in motion. I think it'll even help those of us who will re-watch Return of the Jedi just before heading to the theater and continue our belief that those prequels actually never really happened.


Do the rumors add up to you?


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