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Ladies and gentleman, the smolderholder is finally getting married!

After six months of dating (since July 2014), Ian Somerhalder The Vampire Diaries star has proposed to Nikki Reed the Twilight star and obviously, she said yes! (who wouldn't?) While it's heartbreaking news for a lot of teenagers out there, I for one could not be happier for them.

"She accepted with Glee." A source shared. After confirming their engagement Nikki had this to say about Ian:

“He’s so beautiful inside and out! He’s quite possibly the most amazing man that’s ever walked the planet, it’s crazy. I’m so lucky.”

You've got that right Nikki, you are one lucky girl. Just take a look at that gorgeous ring!

Sources say:

"The couple has been in love for years but were just friends. They’re so happy. They were crazy happy from the start. Their families love each other. It just feels really right.”

The two have already seemed like somewhat of a family even before Ian proposed, this just makes it official.

Best of luck to the amazing happy couple!

We hope you guys have a great life together.


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