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So everyone knows by now that D.C. Studios are fixing to film SUICIDE SQUAD. But with over a year before it hits I believe I have discovered they're biggest mistake. Well in my opinion at least.

First off, let's look at marvel. They're cinimatic and small screen universes are connected. Using agents of shield, and agent carter, to tell back stories and give more info on what's going on in the background. One thing you probably have noticed is they use the same actors from television to the silver screen.

And now this is where D.C. is failing. Now not because they're movies are bad, because I love them. But switching actors from small screen to silver screen can irritate fans as well as confuse others.

Now I almost completely agree with the cast they've chosen for Suicide Squad, but, think about Arrow and Flash and how well they're doing. Also look at some of the great actors they've had in these roles. Then look at silver screen, and we'll they're not there.

Now, with justice league also set to come out on the bigscreen, they Barry Allan we have come to live from the CW Flash is not going to be on the team as of right now. This has even made Steven Amell, from Arrow, a little upset.

D.C. is keeping the two universes seperate. And coming from being a huge fan as I am I forsee this being a huge downfall for them all around.

I'm not sure exactly how others feel about this and its probably been discussed before, I know I can't be the only one who feels this one of their biggest mistakes over there. Expecially with how well they're small screen universe, charicters and actors have all done. If they kept the universes one in the same, and using the TV shows to tell back stories, using the same actors people come to love and enjoy, it'd make the movies that much more for the fans.

Let me know in the comments if you feel the same way. Or if you feel another way.


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