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Okay, so as I am sure you all know I am a big fan of Superheroes and Super villains. And when it comes to villains I have a long list of those I like. But Deathstroke, the one man walking army, he's got to be at least in my top five... if not my top three.

Rumor has it he's been put in a slot for the new Suicide Squad movie (with Harley Quinn also one of my faves and definitely in my top three villains, if she doesn't take the number one slot) schedule for either late this year or 2016. However they haven't announced the who is taken the role yet and I wanted to say my top four picks.

For Deathstroke you need a few things. Firstly, you need to be older but have the body of a marine. Deathstroke has been around for a while so he has a few miles and a bit of grey but is still at the top of his game. Secondly, you need a voice that can strike fear into the hearts of not only his enemies but the audience too. Rumor is he is slotted to be an antagonist and to be an antagonist to the Suicide Squad, you gotta be one scary mofo. Now Deatstroke is one scary mofo, so the actor who is playing him needs to be able to project that. And lastly, Deathstroke is complicated, he can switch on a dime and mainly does what he does for the money, but he always has his own motives, he has the end game in mind. Deathstroke used everything he had an nearly annihilated the entire Justice League, not a lot of villains can say that. So you need an actor who can get into a complicated head space and make it fit, someone who can convey a lifetime of badassery, and its not always easy to do.

With all this in mind here are my picks for the top 4. (These are not in order as I can't really pick between the 4)

1. Jeff Bridges

Everything I've seen him in he was awesome, plus he has the bad ass factor down and the looks, little age, lots of bad ass. Not to mention he can play a nasty super villain, seriously did you see him as Iron Monger-er?

2. Jason Statham

I hear you all like "WHAT!?!" but seriously he has the bod and the badassnesss and the presence. Not to mention his age and look. May need a wig or something through.

3. Ron Perlman

Yes the man that played Hellboy and the leader of the Sons of Anachy (resume checks out for bad ass) here we have a stone cold bad ass who could bring identifiablity to the role for those touching back story moments.

4: Sean Bean

Sean has done some pretty bad ass roles and as Deathstroke can heal from most Mortal wounds, I think Sean Bean would be in his ideal role. I mean seriously, a role where he actually physically can't die. I don't know if he can pull off not dying. (Before the shit storm, I know he's had movies he hasn't died in, it was a joke) He is bad ass though and got dat stage presence.. and not a bad butt.. who said that!?

Anyway, who do you think would make a bad ass Deathstroke? Leave a comment below and give this message a share and I'll put up more of these in the future.


Which of these would be best for Deathstroke for the up and coming Suicide Squad movie?


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