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Justice League: Throne of Atlantis stars Matt Lanter (Aquaman), Harry Lenix (Black Manta), Sheemar Moore (Cyborg), Sean Astin (Shazam), Rosario Dawson (Wonder Woman), Nathan Fillion (Green Lantern), Christopher Gorham (The Flash), Jerry O' Connel (Superman), Jason O' Mara (Batman), Sumalee Montano (Mera), and Sam Witwer (Orm).

Having read Geoff John's run on Aquaman gave me high hopes for this movie. The books were well written and it gave a new light on an underrated character in the DC universe. Did this movie live up to the hype the source material has given?


1.) Voice Acting: The voice talent in this movie were great overall. Orm stood out to me because his voice was powerful and he said his dialogues with great emotion. When he was shouting towards the end it literally gave me chills. Aquaman and the justice league's voice actors were great overall but batman's voice acting was abysmal and just lacked power.

2.) The Fight Scenes: The Action Scenes were animated beautifully in this movie especially the first fight scene with arthur.


1.) Story Pacing: Arthur's origin story was crammed in this movie which is a shame because in the new 52 it gave aquaman so much depth as a character and it gave him great purpose. There were too many unnecessary scenes which were boring and not at all important to the story. They could of used so much more time for aquaman to be developed as a chracter, instead we boring superman and wonder woman scenes.

2.) A few missing things: There were so many things this movie could of done coming from the new 52 book like:


but choose to completely rush the ending and not give the movie it should of gotten.

3.) The Justice League: Every member of the league were both uninteresting and annoying. Shazam and Green Lantern in particular were annoying and was waste of screen time. Every time time they were on screen it was either a terrible joke or a stupid insult.

So much time was wasted with superman and wonder woman's love scenes. They were both unrelated to the story and very boring.

VERDICT: Overall this movie was a big disappointment and does not live up to the hype that geoff johns created. there were some cool fight scenes but it was crammed with boring, cheezy and uninteresting scenes. I would recommend reading the new 52 book than watching this movie.


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