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We both know that a large percentage of time Comic book movies actors are picked because they sorta resembles the character and when they picked Tom Hardy for the part on Suicide Squad it was the greatest choice ever. I think that the movie is not going to be as good now as we were expecting it to be. Why? let me explain.

What do you think will happen to the Iron man franchise if Robert D jr ever decides to quit? Or what will happen to the Wolverine movies if Hugh Jackman decides to not want to go back as Wolverine? Me too, I just can't imagine some guy replacing Downey JR as Tony Stark. It feels like the movie will flop and Warner Bros will always just be behind Marvel as always.

So what is going to happen after the unexpected exit by Tom Hardy? Well there's speculation that the part is now being offered Jake Gyllenhaal, yes him. I like Jake, he adds on his low vibe sort of act which makes him a good actor. But that is not what we are looking for. Rick Flagg is a leader of the Suicide Squad and I don't know about you but I don't think Gyllenhaal will fit the shoes.

What I am trying to say is, like Ant-man which Edgar Right left - they had to try their best in selling the idea to hard core fans. Why do I say that? Well with the trailer being very explicit and marvel releasing a lot of shorts from the movie, looks like when the movie finally comes out the story will be so not as strong and boring.


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