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Kit Simpson Browne

So, The Flash.

Despite its name, the leading contender for break out superhero show of the year (Sorry, Gotham) has actually taken its own sweet time to return to our screens from its winter break.

Now, though, it's edging ever closer to its January 20 return date, and an episode titled "Revenge of the Rogues" - and y'know what that means?

Captain Cold is on his way back to our screens (along with some help, this time around...).

And, what's more, there's some shiny new video right here to prove it - and to get us all over-excited for the new season...

So, not only are we going to see the return of Captain Cold...

But, from the sounds of it, Barry is more than ready to face off against the villain again...

And, let's be honest - that kind of face-off is totally alright with us....

What do you guys reckon, though?


Excited for The Flash's return?



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