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With Marvel having cornered the market on mutants rather early on, DC comics decided to go with the term "Metahumans". Get used to that phrase because we're expecting to hear a lot more about these metahumans in not only [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), but very likely in [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) and [Justice League Part One](movie:401267) as well.

Plot rumors have been circulating about what kind of evil machinations Lex Luthor will be up to in Batman vs Superman, and all signs are pointing to LexCorp being very interested in and even experimenting on metahumans. Not too dissimilar to what the Trask Industry was getting up to in the recent X-Men films, Luthor wants to keep these super-humans in check and under thumb. But then there is also the possibility the right metahuman might be able to help serve his evil, no good purposes.

Welcome to LexCorp... Don't steal the Kryptonite.
Welcome to LexCorp... Don't steal the Kryptonite.

Does Lex Luthor Give Birth to Doomsday?

The other major bad guy in Batman vs Superman has long been rumored to be Doomsday. He is the guy that once "killed" Superman, after all. So who better to take on the combined forces of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman? Traditionally, Doomsday was first born in a prehistoric Krypton and later finding his way to Earth via wormhole, asteroid, time travel or some such comic book device (he's been around a while).

Birthed from the ashes of General Zod?
Birthed from the ashes of General Zod?

Could it be that Luthor's laboratories may find a more organic way to bring Doomsday to Earth? There's been some talk about LexCorp getting their hands on the remains of General Zod's body and using his Kryptonian DNA to unleash a version of the prehistoric beast. This would actually stick pretty close to the "Sentience" storyline from the Superman comic that saw Luthor use Superman DNA and digging up Doomsday's old skeleton to bring him back to life.

This rumor seems to follow along with the reports that Lex has gotten his hands on some Kryptonite that Batman will be trying to lift from LexCorp due to this whole "versus" thing that is going down. Better safe than sorry, right, Bats? If Batman does break into LexCorp what are the chances he'll be seeing more than he bargained for? Zombie Zod!

Metallo - the BvS rumor that will not die.
Metallo - the BvS rumor that will not die.

Lex getting his hands on some Kryptonite is usually a give-in for any movie that pits him against Superman. But this could provide some substance to the Metallo rumor as well - one of the only other bad guys to get a repeat mention for being in the BvS running. This has a lot to do with those photos of actor Scoot McNairy "virtually" loosing the bottoms of his legs. The most recent Metallo story has to do with a soldier, with eyes for Lois Lane, getting into an accident and needing some robotic implant assistance. A Kryptonite power source ends up being part of his suit and things do not end well for him.

We're getting closer and closer to the February launch date of the first trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice - who's your favorite bet to show up in there? Or is it going to end up being a tease and all we'll see is Luthor's shiny dome?


What do you think LexCorp is building in there?


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