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Welcome one, welcome all to the 35th CRAVE article: The Captain Marvel Villains we CRAVE! Not only is this the 35th CRAVE article, but also the first ever one to be centered around a female superhero, which is very exciting.

As some of you may know, on July 6, 2018, Marvel releases their first ever female superhero solo movie: Captain Marvel. Well, now that we finally have our female superhero movie, who is she going to fight? Who will dare challenge the power of Captain Marvel? Well as always, I have picked villains who I think would be great to challenge Captain Marvel and be freaking awesome in the process.

I'd like to warn you guys, just in case you get confused, that some of these villains are more associated to the name: Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel is Carol Danvers who is also Captain Marvel, so they're the same person which is pretty confusing to some people. So, when I say Captain Marvel, I'm referring to just Carol Danvers in general. And I would also like to warn you that, this is my own personal opinion and is just made for a fun read!

So, lets suit up, yell SHAZAM...sorry wrong Captain Marvel, be the Superman of the MCU and get started!


Karla Sofen was born in Van Nuys, California. She grew up in the mansion of Hollywood producer Charles Stockbridge, as the child of Karl Sofen (Stockbridge's butler). After her father died, her mother Marion Sofen worked three jobs to put her daughter through college, and Karla vowed never to end up like her mother, to never put another's needs before her own. Despite building a successful practice as a psychologist and psychiatrist, Karla so disliked being dependent on her patients for income that she entered the super-criminal world as an aide to Doctor Faustus. Learning of the original Moonstone Lloyd Bloch, she became his psychologist and manipulated him into rejecting the source of his powers, an extraterrestrial gem of considerable power, which she then acquired and absorbed to gain the powers of Moonstone.

For all you Captain Marvel fans out there, you know that Moonstone is the perfect villain to challenge Captain Marvel. Not only being the arch-enemy to Captain Marvel, but also being almost, if not equally, as powerful as her. So, we're not talking about a "one punch knockout fight", we're talking epic battles where they're just wailing on each other, throwing each other around like dolls and just kicking the crap out of each other. At that point, I would be throwing my money at the screen!

So, arch-enemy, epic fights and much more, Moonstone is the obvious choice for the movie.

Doomsday Man

The Doomsday man was created by the United States after the first Moon Landing. It was designed by Doctor Krontron. He was created to explore other planets and to survive and protect where man could not. It's armor was made to withstand any temperature or gravity, enabling it to even function on the Sun. They soon realized that this robot was indestructible and could not unleash it upon the world.
The government build a massive concrete tomb on a remote island in the Pacific to house the robot. It obeyed it's orders to enter and once it did the tomb was sealed by remote control. Once sealed, the remote self-destructedso that no one could ever gain access ever again. The island was under constant guard under the US military until it became self aware and escaped..

Yes, there is indeed a Marvel villain called Doomsday Man. And yes, it is actually a Captain Marvel villain. But, a freaking awesome villain! Doomsday Man could really play out in the film, maybe acting as a henchman to Moonstone or maybe even just being the main antagonist of the whole movie, which I highly doubt since he isn't a "big wig" villain, but that would still would be great to see. And also, have you looked at him? To me he looks absolutely terrifying and I love it! I want to see that terrifying thing come stomping into the screen and I want to see it now!

Overall, Doomsday Man should be included in some way, shape or form in the movie.

Black Order

The Black Order is a group of lethal aliens gathered by Thanos in order to help the Mad Titan in his crusade to raze different worlds, and force their inhabitants to pay him tributes. When Corvus Glaive, Thanos' right-hand, sent one of their Outriders to find a new world to raze, the minion targeted Earth. Numerous different members of the Black Order landed on Earth, in different points of the world in order to confront the Illuminati, the possessors of the Infinity Gems.

Not to pride myself, but this is a total out-of-the-box idea! But, if you're one of those people that is going, "What the &*#*", just trust me. I got this!

As we know, Captain Marvel comes out in between Infinity War Part I and Part II. So, what if during the Infinity War, Thanos creates his Black Order and sends them to different parts of the universe to help retrieve the remaining infinity gems (or stones). And if The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy are too busy with Thanos and other threats, who is going to try to stop the Black Order? Our Captain Marvel (only if she is in Part I of course)! Iron Man or who ever can tell her about the Black Order and what the situation is, and then since she is so powerful, she goes out on her own "solo" adventure to try to stop them.

I think that's not a half bad idea! Even though I think it's highly unlikely, it's still a sweet thought.

Do you agree with me? Are you just outraged by my odd picks? Would you of preferred the title Ms. Marvel over Captain Marvel? Well, tell me in the comments below, take them polls and follow me for more CRAVEABLE content! Thank you for reading!

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