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The Order: 1886 hasn't even received a review yet before its February 20th release date for the PS4, and already Sony has discussed the fact that this game will not be a once off title. They're not even sure themselves how well the game will be received, what if we all hate it?

In any case, Sony have stated that it takes far too much work to put a game like The Order: 1886 together only to make it a single experience that they leave behind. In fairness, Sony have been looking for their quintessential shooter series for a long time. They tried it with Killzone, though unfortunately it never really took off the way Halo or Gears of War did. Could The Order be that game?

The Order 1886 - Sequels Not Set in Victorian London?

The Order 1886
The Order 1886

To be honest, I'm rather worried about The Order: 1886. I feel like its reception is going to be quite lukewarm, with a lot of reviews in and around the 7 mark. IGN have already stated that they've had issues with how the guns in the game have felt from the outset and that the gameplay didn't really involve them just yet. Perhaps this final month can help with some of these issues but we shall have to wait and see.

The unusual setting of The Order 1886 got me thinking of where Sony want to go with the title. Is this like the origin story? Have they plans to take this series into the future? Even though it's set in Victorian London, the game's weaponry appears to be quite modern and this could lead to the rest of the series taking place in different periods or countries, like the Assassin's Creed franchise.

The Order: 1886
The Order: 1886

But who knows? Maybe they have plans to keep it set in this era, but I wonder how exactly that will work for them. I really can't wait to review The Order: 1886. It's a title that I haven't been able to follow with any kind of excitement. My expectations are fairly low for this game, so if it turns out to be a great reason to own a PS4, I'll be more than delighted!

Am I the only one with reservations with this game or do you guys feel that it looks really awesome? Sony aren't exactly known for developing and publishing bad games. But in any case, it seems they're ready to give us more than one of these Order titles, so we better get used to the name. The Order: 1886, please, please, pleeeeease be good! Let us know what you think in the comments!'re ugly're ugly

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