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Seems like big news was dropped every day this week! Just in case you don't want to watch the Age of Ultron trailer for the 14th time, check out some post from creators on Moviepilot that you may gave missed!

1. The Best Soundtracks of 2014

Let's start with a throwback to last year, with Moviepilot newbie John Mariani putting together a kick-ass list of the ten best movie soundtracks that came out in 2014.

Check it out here - Looking Back: TOP 10 Movie Soundtracks (2014)

2. Badass Fan Art

Ever thought the Disney Princesses could use some real attitude? Chan YJ did, and has posted some stunning fan art of Disney Princesses (and some friends) as no nonsense rebels.

Get a load of it over here - Rebel Princesses and Heroines!

3. DC on TV!

New creator, TheArchivist debuts his first Moviepilot article with a love letter to the ever expanding selection of DC television series there are on offer. The article highlights what we can currently settle down on our couches to watch, as well as giving us a glimpse at what other juicy DC treats may be in store for the future!

Read the whole thing here - Gotham, Arrow, The Flash: DC's Expansion beyond the Silver Screen!

4. Clever Cookie!

While you wait for the second Jurassic World trailer to air, you might want to indulge yourself with these dino-delicacies. Thanks to our newest contributor Alejo Malia for bringing us this amazing artwork of dinosaurs that you'll want to eat!

Get your mouth watering here - Jurassic Sweet, "The Candy-Store is Open"

5. Voices Behind the Cartoons

When she's not dreaming of 'being a filmmaker in one of the 9 realms', Kayelina Nina is blowing our minds with posts like this! I was honestly shocked that I never picked up on some of these A-Listers who lent their iconic vocal chords to some pretty awesome animated features.

Check out the post to find out who Christian Bale played in Pocahontas! - Famous Actors You Never Knew Were in Your Favorite Classic Animated Disney Movies

6. Another X-Man?

Known on Twitter as Mr.Awesome, Audwin Short lives up to his ahem, "modest" pseudonym by delivering a strong argument for why the inclusion of the long lost character of Sabretooth, would work in the hotly anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse.

What do you think? Would you like to see this psychotic villain return to the silver screen? Read the post here - Is There Room for Sabretooth in X-Men: Apocalypse?

7. The Domination of Frozen Continues!

Disney World has recently announced that it will shut down Maelstrom (the Nordic mythology ride) forever on October 5th, 2014. In it's place, a brand spanking new Frozen themed extravaganza! Amalia Mangiafico has all the news about what's in store for Disney World patrons!

Check it out here - Frozen Is Taking Over Epcot!

8. The Hulk- Then and Now

Chris Filippone is always angry. Not really, but he is an old school Hulk fan and isn't 100% on the cinematic changes. For better or worse, this seems to have become the official genesis of Bruce Banners alter ego.

See the comparison here - Why it was a Mistake to Change The Hulk's Origin Story for the Big Screen

9. Fathers and Daughters in Interstellar

Francis Barel pinpoints a fundamental subtext within the Interstellar narrative; a focus on a loving father-daughter relationship which is rarely addressed in Hollywood. This, coupled with the strong female role model (portrayed by the incomparable Jessica Chastain) gives us even more reasons to appreciate the film other than the sheer magnitude of the project.

Read the whole thing here - Why Interstellar is the Best Father/Daughter Relationship Movie in a Long Time

10. "... if it wasn't for you meddling seniors!"

It's nice to think that the Scooby Gang would be able to look back on their crime solving days when they're in retirement. Jon Negroni indulges us all in some fan art depicting the gang in their golden years.

Check it out (but don't hold your breath for Scooby) over here - Jinkies! Check Out What The Scooby Doo Gang Looks Like 45 Years Later!

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