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Nightcrawler is an unlucky movie first and foremost. If it had been released in any other year, the praise and nomination it has accumulated so far would have propelled it to Oscar glory. While winning awards is not the only indicator for a worthwhile movie, the recognition it would have received should have helped it to become a genuine household name it should have been by now. Unfortunately for the film, 2014 has been a year filled with movies outshining it in the award season.
Anchored by a terrific performance by the brilliant Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler is the story of Louis Bloom, a person desperate for a paying job as he continues his living through petty theft and violence. Inspired by a free lance film crew filming the scene of a car crash, he acquires a camcorder and a radio scanner. Lou shoots the aftermath of a car jacking and manages to convince a morning news director Nina (Rene Russo) to buy the footage. Nina encourages Lou to continue his way of work, leading to Lou hiring an assistant Rick (Riz Ahmed) to 'expand' his business. This chain of events ultimately sets the story in motion, which shows a transforming Jake Gyllenhaal's Lou Bloom slowly descending into the path of darkness.
Currently holding a 95% Rotten Tomatoes rating and almost making $38.5 million worldwide on a budget of a meager $8.5 million, Nightcrawler is Dan Gilroy's first full length feature film. Dan Gilroy had previously been known for writing Real Steel and Bourne Legacy, but with Jake Gyllenhaal as his main actor, he has truly struck gold this time around. His sure handed direction and writing immediate grabs our attention and takes us into the bleak world of Nightcrawler. Subtle sociopolitical and psychological commentary makes the movie a ride worth taking. The score has to be commended for complementing the actions and characters of the movie quite beautifully.
After such a rigorous transformation into the skinny Lou Bloom, Jake Gyllenhaal deserved to be recognized at the Oscars in the best actor category. However, even with the amount of talents on show this year, his Oscar snub can definitely be considered among the disappointing highlights of the award season. Nevertheless, this movie remains a must see movie of 2014. With its subject matter primarily dealing with television news reporting, it is the one of the most relevant movies of our generation.


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