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Last night, some of us with Moviepilot got to do a really amazing thing: We held a special screening event of [Kingsman: The Secret Service](movie:713143) for 400 fans. And the cherry on top? We had a Q&A with none other than Mark Hamill, moderated by our own Catrina.

It...was awesome.

We even took a giant crowd selfie with Hamill as our fearless leader:

Good times, right?

As for the movie itself, it was bonkers and over-the-top in the best of ways (as is always the case when Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn team up). The action sequences are some of the best I've ever seen (if not the best), with every fight a beautifully choreographed blend of mayhem and slow-motion violence.

And, you lucky ducks, you can get a taste of what's in store with this clip from the film in which Colin Firth goes into full-on asskicking mode. It's been edited quite a bit from the movie, but it still gives you an idea of the insane work they put into the intricate dance steps that went into building every fight scene.

Kingsman hits theaters February 13th. I don't know about you, but in my world, this is the kind of Valentine's Day date movie I can get behind.


Are you planning to see Kingsman: The Secret Service when it hits theaters?


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