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[Gone Girl](movie:833123) was easily one of the best movies of the year, and it was criminally underrepresented in the recently announced Oscar nominations.

Luckily, the brilliant minds of Screen Junkies have brought us the next best thing: a parody trailer that hilariously sums up the entire movie in under 5 minutes, all while calling out the many, MANY strange elements that director David Fincher loves to throw our way. That man must just love making his audiences squirm.

Despite my love for this movie (which, I will admit, has left me feeling pretty confused about relationships/life/my newfound appreciation for Tyler Perry), I love a good ribbing even more.

For all of Gone Girl's fans and critics, you've gotta check out this honest trailer.

First things first, however:

So for those of you who haven't yet watched Gone Girl, view this trailer at your own risk. This is one of the most spoilery movies of the year, and your experience will be totally different if you know the full extent of the plot. BE WARNED.

Now, let's break down some of the videos best moments discussing "the most well-written Lifetime movie ever made."

Ben Affleck stars as the guy everyone loves to hate

In other news, Chris Pratt will soon be starring as "the most lovable goofball in Hollywood" and Leonardo DiCaprio as "a womanizer on a tireless quest for an Academy Award."

Rosamund Pike stars as the most organized crazy person ever

She completely makes up FIVE YEARS worth of her life and manages to incriminate her spouse while sounding genuine. I can't even maintain a journal for more than a month, no matter how many times I make it my New Year's resolution.

She also puts color-coded sticky notes on a calendar with helpful little daily reminders like "Kill self?" Thorough!

Neil Patrick Harris learned nothing from his stint as Barney Stinson

Enough said.


Gotta love when parodies have a firm grasp on the material they're skewering. The Screen Junkies team clearly has some reverance for Fincher's work, comprehensively summing up some of his most recognizable techniques: "smooth camera pans, a cool color palette, a dank abandoned building, nihilism, sociopaths, low-lit interiors, ambient music, haze, and general f*ckedupedness."

Gone Girl really reveled in that last one.

The best honest character names were reserved for the supporting cast

Seriously, I found myself dying during every single one of Tyler Perry's scenes, and I left the theater wishing the movie featured more of him. It's safe to say that is the first time I have ever experienced such a sensation.

Blonde hair? Check. Her own show with sensationalized headlines? Check. A laser-focused obsession with just one case involving a missing white girl? Yep, sounds about right.

There's no doubt that David Fincher, the king of deliberate casting, knows where we know Emily Ratajkowski from (*cough* Blurred Lines video *cough*).

There were certainly a lot more brilliant moments in the trailer, so tell me about your favorites in the comments. Have Screen Junkies made you see Gone Girl in a new light, or did it just reaffirm your impression of the movie?


Have you ever faked your own murder so thoroughly that when you returned to your husband covered in another man's blood he had no choice but to take you back?


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