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Being bombarded by rumours on the latest casting and theories seems to be a part of our weekly routine, and, if you've been keeping an EYE on the more recent discussions, one rumour seems to be causing unrest amongst fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe... Tony Stark is leaving!

Well if any of the multiple rumours are true, Robert Downey Jr may be leaving his post as "Iron Man".

Shortly after Iron Man 3, with Tony Stark's chest no longer emitting the radiant beams from his arc reactor and Downey's contract winding down many fans worried that Iron Man 3 was the last we'd see of the "Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist" in a solo movie. Downey Jr DID finally sign a contract with the terms that : "he would continue to play Tony Stark and Iron Man for at least a few more movies". This lead fans to speculate whether that meant Iron Man 4 was in production, but Downey Jr was quick to blast these rumours down stating that, “There isn't one in the pipe. No, there’s no plan for a fourth Iron Man".

So what does this all mean?

We've all seen the trailers for the brilliant 'Avengers: age of Ultron', and it seems pretty clear that Tony Stark/Iron man would be reprised by Robert Downey Jr, and with the recently released footage of Marvel's (not so secret) secret phase 3 announcement at the El Capitan theatre it was officially announced that Downey Jr would return as Tony Stark in these next films:

  • Avengers Age Of Ultron
  • Captain America: Civil War (May 6th 2016)
  • Avengers: Infinity Wars part 2 (May 3rd 2019)

How about Avengers: Infinity Wars part 1? I hear you ask. Well according to some HYDRA infiltrators Tony Stark may not be included in the roster!

Well, where is he? Is he on vacation? Does he die?

The rumour that seems the most plausible is that Tony Stark will be deceased by the time the first Infinity War is released, but, and this is a big BUT...

The outcome depends wholly on whether the MCU's epic phase 3 conclusion stays true to the comics, with all of the infinity gems/stones set to be assembled onto the omnipotent Infinity Gauntlet by the end of the first Infinity War movie, Tony Stark's untimely death could be undone using the Gauntlet or one of the Infinity gems. Now this makes a whole lot of sense, considering Tony Stark actually does die.

But what if he isn't dead, what if he's been transported to another reality? another universe? Marvel have been in "deep" negotiations with Sony since they kick-started the MCU, but it hasn't been until very recently that the discussions surrounding Spiderman have come to life, checkout the link for more information on Spiderman joining the Avengers (and other rumours on phase 3):

Many theories surrounding Spiderman's MCU debut have led to whether 'Spidey' will replace Stark in an all new roster. But. What if Tony Stark as Iron Man was sent into a parallel universe to find new heroes, a group who could help the current Avengers face the 'Mad Titan' Thanos, this seems pretty far fetched, but the introduction of Dr Strange (November 4th 2016) and the concept of magic, new realms, portals and more interestingly parallel universes could allow this well established Universe to expand and introduce the idea of the Multi-verse in the cinematic universe, Stark could easily have been sent on a solo mission to venture into the unknown to find the 'New Avengers'.

Why has Tony Stark been left out of the Infinity Wars part 1 roster?
Will there be an Iron Man 4?
Will "your friendly neighbourhood" Spiderman join the Avengers?

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