ByMichael Hoback, writer at

Ladies and Gentlemen the return of Freddy and Jason has been rumored for years upon years now with no true proof . Well all that has changed , Robert Eglund cracked under pressure when asked if he would ever return to the role of one of our most beloved horror icons of all time ;
In the interview Robert had said that he would defineitly be returning to the role one last time , ( POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD READ AT YOUR OWN CAUTION)
along side other classic movie slayers .

Although Robert didnt say who he would be on screen with or if it will be a movie but what we do know is that there will be a return of the orignal old fashioned Freddy Krueger and that it will be alongside other classic slashers .

Who do you think hell return with , when do you think we will here more information , let me know what you guys think in the comments .

Love you all . And keep touch on the movie world (;


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