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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed something weird going on with Thor during these past few sneak peaks we have gotten from Age of Ultron? First he is in some sort of pool with what seems to be flashing lights above him and he appears to be in pain. It is also however, the same pool that the woman was going into in the newer trailer.

Now, i wouldn't have made a story about this if i didn't have more evidence than just the strange behavior he has. This next piece involves Captain America being able to slightly move Thor's hammer in the preview of the movie released after an Agents of Shield episode.

Twice during this scene they mention that you have to be worthy of the hammer and its abilities in order to lift it. The fact that Captain America was able to move it means one of two things. Either he is worthy and him and Thor will both be able to lift the hammer at some point, or only Captain America is worthy and Thor is somehow losing his powers. I doubt however that this could be related to Ultron somehow. Ultron simply doesn't know enough about Asgard and how the hammer works to cause something like this. So that leads me to believe that Loki may be the cause of this somehow.

You have to remember that Loki is left on Asgard posing as Odin, hell... for all we know he may not even be posing as him anymore, that he may have let everyone know it was him, and still ruling. Loki presumably killed Odin, eaming he may have access to Odin's powers and could be using them to take away Thor's power. Anyway, whatever the case may be, Thor likely went looking for answers, my guess being for why Steve was able to move the hammer, after the fight with Ultron. MaybeThor experienced a power loss of some sort, that would explain why in the plane after fighting Ultron, he didn't look exactly happy.

I hope you guys enjoyed this theory, let me know if you have anything to add to it or have any questions. Thanks!


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