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Disney's heroines are undeniably amazing. They often get the stand-out song, the loyal animal sidekick, and a final moment of heroic behavior.

Yet, sometimes they get criminally overshadowed by their male counterparts. Artist Haruki Godo, who goes by godohelp on her DeviantArt page, has turned the tables on this tradition. Godo has placed some of the most classic Disney princesses in the famous garb of their princes.

Check out the likes of Jasmine, Aurora, and Rapunzel looking better than their princes ever did!

Jasmine in Aladdin's "Prince Ali" suit

Jasmine is THRILLED to get out of that tight top and into what look like royal pajamas. Seriously, though, check out that confident stance and the way she's twirling her hat on her finger. She's either ready for bed or a night on the town.

Esmerelda in Phoebus's armor

God help any outcast who crosses Esmerelda in this get-up. She might want to consider pulling that hair back, though.

Cinderella in Prince Charming's epaulets

Her wicked stepmother would be so proud to see that Cinderella cleans up nice in her Prince's attire. Maybe her Fairy Godmother put her in the wrong outfit?

Megara in Hercules's cape and tunic

Is it me, or does Hercules's outfit appear totally natural on Meg? Maybe it's because it's virtually a miniskirt. A fact that just made me realize that Hercules shows much more skin than his female counterpart throughout the whole movie. Equality!

Kida in Milo's explorer uniform

Kida looks both perplexed and perturbed after getting the worst outfit of the bunch. The Queen of Atlantis has been alive for 8,000 years, yet she's forced to wear matching beige on beige.

Jane in Tarzan's formalwear

This was definitely a wise outfit choice considering Tarzan's everyday garb is a loin cloth. Jane looks ready to shatter the glass ceiling with this executive realness look.

Rapunzel in Flynn's everyday wear

She put on Flynn's outfit, but she held on to that frying pan. She's deadly with that thing. If she were a character in Super Smash Bros., Rapunzel would certainly be Princess Peach.

Alice in the White Rabbit's suit

I have to admit: this one confuses me. So, Alice's love interest, her "prince," was the White Rabbit the whole time? Have I been watching this movie wrong for years, completely missing this deep-seated subtext?

Or, was Alice just feeling left out (again!) and wanted to get out of that frilly dress? Either way, she's looking happier than ever.

Aurora in Prince Philip's cape and tunic

Aurora is looking like a pirate with those boots and that hat, but you can tell she's feeling it.

Ariel in Prince Eric's royal wedding garb

Look at how suave and flirty Ariel gets as soon as she's got a shiny pair of epaulets on her shoulders! Also, I'm trying to figure out if Disney has ever shown any princesses other than Esmerelda winking. Can any eagle-eyed experts fill me in?

Belle in Prince Adam's tailcoat

Belle's looking oddly similar to Prince Adam once she has his entire outfit on. Glad to see it was easily resized from its original Beast size.

Pocahontas in John Smith's armor

Pocahontas looking ready to hunt down every single threat to the hidden pine trails of the forest. Protect that flora and fauna, girl, Grandmother Willow can't help you out forever.

Mulan in Shang's military uniform

Considering that she impersonates a man for most of her movie, Mulan does not look so different here in Shang's uniform. In fact, it's even a little flashier.

Lastly, you can check out even more of Haruki Godo's amazing Disney artwork at her DeviantArt page. She's also a huge fan of Frozen, but I don't think she's put Anna in Christoph's furs quite yet.

Which Disney Princess could rock her Prince's look the best? Do you think any of them looked better in these outfits?


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