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Who would’ve thought Bryan Mills would once again star in yet another Taken movie. The other day Fox interviewed both Liam Neeson and Forest Whitaker on the possibility of a Taken 4. Neeson was quoted saying,

“There’s always… I think if audiences go and see it and they like these characters, I mean, I’d love to do something with Forest again, and if it’s in a ‘Taken’ 4 scenario… great.”

Well, we may finally have gotten our answer. Could you believe there’s already a Taken 4 trailer released titled, T4ken? Check out the feature length trailer below:

Gotcha! Obviously this is just a ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ live joke from the show, but you have to admit it’s pretty awesome! Some minor SPOILERS ahead from Taken 3. However, as for a real Taken 4 or T4ken film, you never know. We already have a Die Hard 5. Heck, we’re even getting another Bourne and Mission Impossible film! So for all intents and purposes, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance we will get another Taken sequel. After all, Taken 3 just made well over $40 million at the box office last weekend. Who’s gonna get taken this time? Forest Whitaker? Or perhaps Kim’s conceived child?

Are you looking forward to another potential sequel to the Taken franchise? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live & Creamer's Cinema Craze


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