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After browsing the Sesame Street Wikipedia page I've decided that almost every famous person on the face of the planet has been a guest on Sesame Street. Okay, I'm exaggerating a tad, but it's still pretty crazy how many celebrities, musicians, and politicians have made an appearance on 'The Street.'

Amongst those were a few guests that I found rather...interesting. Granted, none of their stints on the show were particularly bad or offensive or anything, just kind of weird or surprising.

1. Cheech Marin

Sure, Cheech Marin's career isn't solely his role as everyone's favorite stoner, but isn't it a little bit? In this bit Cheech plays a genie who really doesn't want to go back into his lamp but he loves to sing covers of classic songs.

2. Ice Cube

Yes, the rapper who made the awesome, albeit graphic, albums titled Death Certificate and Lethal Injection taught Elmo about the word "astounding" and then turned himself into an actual ice cube, much to the delight of Elmo.

It's interesting to see that Ice Cube has turned into such a softie since in recent years. Also, puppet ice cube Ice Cube is pretty funny and probably one of the best twists in television history.

3. Kim Cattrall

No, she come onto Sesame Street as Samantha from Sex and the City to teach Elmo that "C" is for condom. Instead she teaches viewers about the word "fabulous," something she also knows a lot about.

This one is weird simply because this is a woman who built a career mostly by playing an overtly sexually promiscuous woman. It's strange to see such a G-Rated version of Samantha. Or is Kim Cattrall just very Samantha-esque in real life? I can't tell anymore. She also dances the conga with a robot so...

4. Little Richard

Yeah, okay Little Richard, you are a very talented man but I don't see why this needed to be filmed in your "tubby." His "Ode to Rubber Ducky" is a little suspicious mainly because if he is in the aforementioned tubby, then why the heck is he wearing so many clothes? Public television networks, I guess.

5. Richard Pryor

I find it hard to imagine that there is any crossover audience between Richard Pryor and Sesame Street. The late, great comedian pretty much just says the alphabet in a story form replacing all nouns and verbs with the letters. Basically an alphabet Mad Libs of sorts. Confusing, but funny as hell.

6. John Leguizamo

In this brief sketch that seems to last forever, John Leguizamo chastises Elmo for not eating vegetables. Honestly, please leave the residents of Sesame Street alone while they're just trying to enjoy his lunch.

He does this by singing a song dressed as Captain Vegetable. It's very funny ubt I don't know if it's in an intentional way or whoever wrote this was just really into veggies that day. He also calls Elmo a "playa," "eggplant," "emu," and "mushroom." How hard is it to remember Elmo's name, John?! Maybe you need a lesson on proper manners.

I would love to be the person in charge of booking these guest appearances or help out with the writing in any way. All of these people are great because they clearly want to help future generations learn, sometimes even at their own expense (*cough* John Leguizamo). They have also provided entertainment for adults with a lame sense of humor like me. Thanks, PBS!


Which of the Avengers would you want to see guest star on Sesame Street?


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