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If you love video games and need a daily dose of cuteness, we've found your video: in this montage by Mr.TVCow on YouTube, four tiny feline assassins must take out two goofball French guards at the command of their Assassin owner. Dressed as the four cover characters of Assassin's Creed: Unity, these adorable tykes dash through the forest and divebomb their opponents to the sound of eagles crying out.

Basically, it's way too adorable, and you should watch it.

Showing off their skills in ways those of us with less than four legs could never achieve, the kittens take out both guards and return to their leader for a round of petting and admiration.

It seems like Mr. TVCow is a cat lover (as everyone should be), since this isn't the first cat-gone-game video he's made. Check out his take on what the cat does when Mario is away:

Cats, of course, love video games. Why wouldn't they? It keeps the humans occupied until one needs to climb into the humans' lap, push the game away, and demand attention - alternatively, our feline friends also tend to get involved in our antics on a good day.

When you game with your pets around, or you put your pets in video game costumes, you can bet that at least one of you will always have a great time. Hehe.


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