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Elijah A. Smith

Even though the full length trailer for Marvel's "Ant-Man" has already been released. Who doesn't like a awesome poster to go with it.

We all know Marvel can be a big jokester at times and they like to make their fans anticipate their movies. Well it looks like Marvel strikes again with the first release of their "super-sized" poster revealing Paul Rudd as "Ant-Man". Look at itsy bitsy Paul Rudd!

He's So TINY!!!!!
He's So TINY!!!!!

Who don't like a little side of anticipation!

But if you really want to see Paul Rudd in his awesome suit take a look at him in Entertainment Weekly's blown up version of the poster on their cover! Look, Their he is!!!

Suit Up Paul!!!
Suit Up Paul!!!


Now that we seen him suited up, What do you think?


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