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Poor Constantine. While the other new (and existing) comic book shows this year have been wildly successful, this DC adaptation has struggled. The Flash and Gotham are scooping up awards, Agent Carter debuted to great reviews earlier this month, Arrow is still hugely popular, and even Agents of SHIELD seems to be recovering from it's rocky start in the first season.

Feeling left out, John?
Feeling left out, John?

Then there is Constantine. The show started later than most, and with very little marketing or promotion. Whereas shows like Gotham were constantly churning out featurettes, behind-the-scenes videos, and multiple teasers in the run up to their fall launches, Constantine had an incredibly low-key start. The majority of the mentions that I saw for the show were wrapped up in articles about the huge range of comic-book adaptations on TV right now, with few solo pieces standing out. Could this have been a major downfall? Other viewers felt that the show was too close to the hit series Supernatural, despite admissions from the Supernatural team that they were inspired by the DC comics for many elements of the show.

Uh, can I have all three please?!
Uh, can I have all three please?!

After this inauspicious beginning, Constantine's first season was cut to 13 episodes, and fans of the show were worried that the network had decided to cancel it. Despite reassurances from cast members and network execs that this was untrue, and that the show would return, the rumors continued to dog the show.

Now IGN reports that the president (Jennifer Salke) and chairman (Robert Greenblatt) of NBC have said that the show's future is still undecided, and calls for fans to keep streaming and watching in order to guarantee the show a future on the network.

Salke: We wish the show had done better live. It has a big viewership after [it airs] in all kinds of ways and it has a younger audience, but the live number is challenging. We love the show. I think it's fair to say we're still talking about it.

Greenblatt: As Jen said, it's a show we really like. We love Matt Ryan, who's the star of it. I think we did right by the fans who didn't like the film that was made of it. The future is still up in the air for that show.

This may be a useful tactic to keep the show on the air, as after the initial rumors landed, the hashtag took off on twitter and social media platforms, with fans hoping to show execs that they want to see more.

With the latest episode airing tonight (January 16th), and only four remaining after that, the movement is in full swing, reminding people to tune in to show support for the show.

With a future this uncertain, it seems like the fans may really be the ones with the final say - if enough people watch the show live, stream it from the official sites, and tweet about it, Constantine could return...but if there isn't quite enough support to convince the network, a Justice League Dark series could be over almost before it began.

How do you feel about the future of Constantine? Will you be watching the remaining five episodes of the first season? Comment and let me know!


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