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So, in a previous post, I explained that I had gone From the movies To the comics. Now I guess the question is Why?

What is it about comic book movies, that makes us keep coming back for more or make us want to read the comics?

For me, it comes down to a couple of things:


Plain and simply - Does the storytelling make me want to continue watching?

For me personally - a great comic book movie (or really any Movie) must have a story that provides the characters the ability to grow and evolve. It needs to allow the audience to go on a journey and also leave them wanting more.

I am not saying that the movie should have a cliff-hanger either. Just because a movie is part of a series or potential series, does NOT mean, that the audience should be subjected to an ending where you seriously have no idea what is going to happen. Leave that to television. Golden Compass was a movie that left you going "Um... did I miss something? Did they actually do what they set out to at the start of the movie? Oh, I get it... they left it on a cliff hanger and then the next movie did not get made". SIGH!!!!

It also CANNOT have a crappy ending. Seriously, we have all seen that one movie that was AWESOME... or at least for the first two thirds of the movie - then the ending just completely jumps the shark. SIGH!!!!

It also needs to entertain - make me laugh, make me sit on the edge of my seat, make me care about the characters and what is going on. It appears to becoming the norm, where Comic Book movies in particular, are really taking themselves too seriously. WHY???? We don't want serious, we want WOAH!! OMG!!! WOW DID YOU SEE THAT!!!!

For me - one of the BEST comic book movies for story-line is Guardians of the Galaxy. It DID NOT take itself too seriously, the actors were perfectly matched and cast, the visuals were BRILLIANT. What more can I say?


For any movie to be truly great - it MUST have great characters - who are played by the RIGHT actors. Nothing ruins a movie more than a character that SHOULD be AWESOME - but the wrong actor is chosen to play the part and they just don't have the Spark needed to pull the character off properly.

I personally think that when it comes to Comic Book Movies - 95% of the time, the studios get this right.

I have no complaints about the actors I have seen cast in really any Comic Book Movie I have seen. Ok, I am not a master of Comic Books - so I cannot really comment on whether the characters onscreen match the characters on page - but for me personally, I like what I see on the screen.

Comic Book characters are phenomenal for translating from page to screen - with the advances in movie technology - we get to see these amazing creations come to life.


Any great Action Movie - whether Comic Book or Otherwise - needs to have an adventure, full of intrigue/drama. But you cannot have this intrigue/drama adventure, without a pretty awesome Hero, who has a Bad-Ass Nemesis.

The Villain needs to really challenge the Hero - not only physically but truly mentally. We need to see the Hero questioning themselves and asking "Am I up to the task? Am I truly able to give of myself for others?"

Probs my favorite movie for this will be Thor. Loki is probably the most insanely AWESOME villains. He is super intelligent, super ambitious and has a really LONG term plan.

So overall, I believe that Comic Book Movies keep us coming back for more - because they are Visually stimulating, full of awesome characters with great actors bringing them to life, full of action and brilliant storytelling.


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