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Sorry, everyone who was really looking forward to watching "that one movie where Thor fights a whale, I think," but it's been announced that Ron Howard's [In the Heart of the Sea](movie:839501) has been delayed until December.

With this move coming just two months before the movie was scheduled to hit theaters, it would normally be cause for some serious alarm bells to be going off. But in this case, it appears it might actually be that the move is happening for a good reason: Warner Bros., after analyzing the early buzz for the film, now has enough confidence to push it back so it can be eligible for awards season.

If WB has this much faith in the film, that almost certainly means it's even stronger a film than originally anticipated. While Ron Howard has had a few misses in his career, they've been rare. The man's basically a walking award nomination generator, and with this bump, it appears Heart of the Sea might be poised to nab another.

Instead of Heart, Warner Bros. will slot Liam Neeson's next movie in which he plays another character with a very particular set of skills, [Run All Night](movie:749058), into the March 13 spot that Heart is vacating.

In the Heart of the Sea will now hit theaters on December 11th.

Are you disappointed by this news? Or are you glad In the Heart of the Sea will be in awards contention now?


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