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A couple with a newborn baby face unexpected difficulties after they are forced to live next to a fraternity house.
What a really hilarious movie. I have to say this maybe the funniest movie I've seen so far this year.
The cast is amazing, Seth Rogan plays the stoner (as always) but he's the first time father who's still trying to cope with the changes; he’s funny as hell. Zac Efron stands toe to toe with Rogan, I would have never guessed that the kid from high school musical would be this funny and would fit right in. Rose Byrne is awesome and is surprisingly hilarious because the only other funny movie I saw her in was Get Him to the Greek. We don't get James Franco, we get his brother Dave. I do think Dave is funny but in this movie he's more of a sidekick and less funny than in 21 Jump Street. One person I really enjoyed seeing is Ike Barinboltz; he's a real under rated actor so hopefully this will get him a leading role soon. Neighbors also has some of the best cameos I’ve seen in a while, including Hannibal Buress, the League's Jason Mantzoukas, Workaholics Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, Kyle Newacheck, SNL superstar Andy Samberg, Friends own Lisa Kudrow and the one and only Jesse Heiman.
The only thing I didn't enjoy was the music, which is a personal call and no slam towards the movie. The story is something we have seen before but it’s done right so it's ok. I didn't stop laughing from start to finish.
Neighbor’s stands up to the classic collage films like Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds and Old School. This is a collage movie for a new generation; it's fun, hilarious and has an amazing cast. Neighbors is a must see of 2014. Cheers and remember life won't suck as long as there is a good movie to watch.

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