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A young roadie for Metallica is sent on an urgent mission during the band’s show, but what seems like a simple assignment turns into a surreal adventure.
Ten years after the last Metallica documentary “Some Kind of Monster” they are back with a mix of film and concert. I went into this movie ready to rip it apart but when the first song hits (Whiplash) I felt like I was 15-16 singing along and head bobbing.
This movie feels like a giant music video and the film part feels useless. The film part stars Dane DeHaan from Chronicle and The Place Beyond the Pines. He doesn’t say a word the whole movie which doesn’t help make the movie feel like a music video.
The soundtrack is obviously all Metallica and mostly old Metallica songs which I would rather listen too if I’m going to listen Metallica. I would of liked to of heard some songs off of the Garage Inc album which is the cover album so that is most likely why they didn’t.
This film was shot for IMAX in 3D but I saw it in 2d and you can tell they tried to push the 3D hard. The C.G. isn’t the greatest, BUT the one thing that pissed me off most and wrecked the fun I was having was the ending! After all the chaos and outrageous, over the top mayhem there is no damn pay off! I felt like I was given a good time then kicked in the nuts….what a let down.
I can see this becoming a new trend with movies. It was a fun ride and if I was 15-16 again and this movie came out it would have been the best thing. I’m 27 and I still had a good time until the end. Metallica Through the Never feels like a giant, big budget, over the top live music video. I wouldn’t have paid to see this in the theater but it was fun to listen to songs I haven’t listened to in a long time. Cheers and remember life will never suck as long as there is a GOOD movie to watch
4 out of 10


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