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Big Wonder Woman fan. Friendly. Life lover. All friendly people: WELCOME :-)
Javier Piccinini

This started as a crazy thing. A silly video of "Wonder Man" I decided to make because my friends first insisted I should have a "Wonder Man" outfit because of my love for Lynda Carter-Wonder Woman. Well, after I did that, we made a silly video, and then another, and then another... and then, we tried to put them altogether and make some sense out of them. This is just a humble tribute to Lynda and her so much alive character! We're finishing the last part. Everything is improvised, we're not actors, just crazy friends fooling around. So stay tuned for our last part, coming soon! :) (by the way, our mother language is Spanish, so everything is subtitled, and those who speak English, tried to do it as best as they could ;) )

This is one of "Wonder Man" 's outfits.


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