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Over the last couple of years we've seen a deluge of superhero movies. From new Superman down to Kickass. With all these movies we've also seen them verse their greatest foes. But, even though we have all these movies so many villains have been left out. This isn't always a bad thing as we don't have to see real versions of Arms-fall-off-boy and Fat Fury, but, there are so many that haven't been put into movies yet that deserve to be.

Please note for this list we aren't counting fan-made films on Youtube or the like, only television and feature films. So if you know a fan-made film with this villain in it, show me anyway because I would love to see it. Also, if the movie isn't out yet but has been announced or are coming, they still don't count because we haven't seen it.

10. Shriek (Batman of the Future)

Walter Shreeve (aka Shriek) is one of the greatest sound engineers and, after his business went bust because Derek Powers stopped funding his research, he because like a personal merc for Mr Powers. Using sonic blasts and control of sound to his full advantage. In a movie with Shriek as the villain, can you imagine the amazing sound design you could have? The scene in the animated version where he took away all sound to confuse Terry McGinnis. Worked out pretty well, you know, till Terry knocked of Shreeves helmet and made him deaf. That would be such a powerful moment in a movie, I mean, it was in the cartoon, it could be ten times more in live action.

9. Omega Red (X-men)

Serial killer/murdering soldier (depending on what past we're choosing) Arkady Rossovich was taken by the KGB and experimented on for a super soldier project like Captain America. The end result, a psychopathic, super hard to kill, tentacled, vampiric super soldier who has the stamina to give Wolverine a huge challenge. Couldn't you see this guy hunting Hugh Jackmans Wolverine? I know I can.

8. Sports Master (DC Universe)

Now, when I first saw Sports Master (Aka Crusher Crock) I was, well, a little skeptical. I mean, his whole deal was that he was good at sports. It sounded stupid. Then I started to get into his story and personality. He's really become a strategist who was someone to fear. He stood toe-to-toe with Deathstroke. Couldn't you see him making an appearance on Arrow? I could.

7. Apocalypse (X-men)

I know I know, "Apocalypse has a movie coming out. Haven't you seen the trailors?" I have, but the movie isn't out yet and this has been a long time coming. Also read the rules, it counts. Also, I know he was in the end of credits scene on Days of Future Past. Anyway, for those of you who don't know who En Sabah Nur (aka Apocalypse) is, he's an ancient Egyptian mutant who has complete control over his cellular anatomy. He can be super strong, indestructible, make wings, change his limbs and is immortal. Just mentioning him makes Xavier wet his wheelchair. How would he not be the most bad ass bad guy?

6. Amazo (Justice League)

I know the ship on CW's Arrow was called Amazo, but you know and I know thats not The Amazo. A robot built by Professor Ivo to imitate any power it see's. Grow weapon hands and instantly learn any technique it sees. That would be seriously scary in a live action battle against the JL.

5. Kang The Conqueror (Avengers)

Nathaniel Richards, time traveling space lord who wants to rule over all space and time. Do I really need to say more? He may make an appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse because the two of them have a a rich past together.

4. Carnage (Spider-man/Deadpool)

Cletus Kasady (aka Carnage) is a homicidal psycho killer plain and simple. he got a symbiote which was the offspring of Venoms symbiote and became a psycho red venom who believes life is meaningless and laws are just words. It would be a rated R movie that would see Carnage Vs Spiderman in live action... and I want that. Maybe directed by Quintin Tarrantino maybe?

3. Black Adam (Shazam)

Teth-Adam (aka Black Adam) is an ancient Pharaoh (What is it with ancient Pharaohs?) who was impowered with the abilities of Shazam and gets all the powers of the ancient Egyptian gods instead of the Greek gods like Shazam does. Super evil and super bad ass, thinking he needs to rule over all the world with might and an iron fist. I'm looking forward to the rumored Shazam movie and see this one play out.

2. Scorpion (Spider-man)

With how many Spider-man movies there have been of late, I'm surprised this one hasn't happened already. Mac Gargan, a private investigator hired by J. Jonas Jamison to find out who Spider-man is and how Peter Parker gets those shots. Spidey sense making that a thing that doesn't happen. So he could step up his game he gets an experimental treatment that turns him into the Scorpion. It also kinda turns him insane. You know, as it does. And he turns on J.J. who got him the treatment. Can't you picture it? Scorpion holds the entire Daily Bugle hostage to call out J.J. and Spider-man turns up, but Scorpion has all the stuff to stop Spidey and he has a calm, dark and psychotic voice that threatens to kill everyone if he can't get his vengence on J. Jonas Jamison and the Spider-man! Wait, sorry, just got a geek boner thinking about it... needs to happen. Now I need a cigerette...

1. Harley Quinn (Batman)

Okay, okay, I know, she was in an episode of Arrow where we saw her for a few seconds and bah blah blah, that's nice, but, although I fanboyed out when that happened, it doesn't count as we really didn't see her. She was also in WB Kids Birds of Prey, but I think we all can agree that isn't cannon. In anyway. Ever. Also she's in the Suicide Squad movie (Which I will be buying tickets for at the speed of sugared up, hyper fan boy) but its not out yet.. so yeah... Okay so, Dr Harleen Quinzel is a therapist corrupted by the Jokers influence and becomes his most devoted follower. She actually came the closest to killing Batman anyone has gotten, she had him tied up and about to be killed by Piranhas when the Joker came in and stopped her. I would love to see her fully let loose. Even more so, I would love to see her, after the death of the Joker being the full mastermind and taking down Batman. I would do so much for me.

Anyway, what villain would you love to see in live action? Let us know in the comments below.


Which of these would you love to see the most?


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