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When it comes to the kings of science fiction Philip K. Dick is in a class of his own. His collection of short films have lead to the creation of some of the best pieces of science fiction that we have seen. While making the transition from story to film is something that is extremely difficult today most of the time they hit mark on the head. The new adaptation of Total Recall tries to re-amp the story but sadly falls short of it's goal.

In the first Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger half of the fun and mystic of the film came from the fact that Mars was the center of this crazy or not so crazy fantasies. In the opening part of the film when the prison colony of Australia is on the news it just didn't feel right. It was almost like when they where sitting in the production room talking about film ideas someone was like:

"Hey let's make the story happen somewhere with dingos!" and someone else in the room was like, "Hey yea, that's a great idea!"

Just a reminder of how sweet the original was
Just a reminder of how sweet the original was

While that last bit might have left you feeling confused, it was to better illustrate the confusion I had at the change in setting. It felt like it aided in the watering down of the story and while at points it was visually appealing over all it had a bland feel to it. Almost like a cut and paste version of other film that has come out within the last few years. There was really nothing that gave it a unique film or really make it stand out.

The characters felt like they fell out of the scenery. Over all the performances that where delivered in the film just felt dry and uninteresting. There was no point really where you felt like things where getting crazy or weirder. It was overall a very generic sci-fi film that was putting most of it's hopes on riding on the coat tails of the original film.


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