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Coulson isn't dead, hurrah, rejoice, all is good with the world. But seeing as he runs a pretty top secret life, not many people in the MCU know about that. In particularly, The Avengers. Who were.. um... avenging his death.

So one of them has to find out soon right? And it would have to be in a movie, I mean you can't go doing big things on tv if there are fans who only watch the movies. Imagine the confusion.

So much confusion
So much confusion

I think that with nick fury in the upcoming Avengers: age of Ultron, he's gonna have to let The Avengers know that Coulson is okay and not, y'know, six feet under.

But what will the team think of that. Well I think that Captain America, being the traditionalist that he is, will not agree with the reanimation of corpses. Also that's another pretty big secret S.H.I.E.L.D were keeping from him. Bringing people back to life is a bit of a big deal.

On the other hand Tony Stark, being a man of science, will probably appreciate that he is alive and that S.H.I.E.L.D had a plan to save an Avenger if he or she died.(Could you imagine if an Avenger needed to be resurrected, Hulk size carvings everywhere).

This difference in opinions results in Steve Rogers leading a force and demanding that all superhuman and non-natural proceedings are public knowledge. With Tony Stark siding with the government to allow discretion to those who want it.

Or visa versa, for example...

  • Stark with government for discretion, Steve against government for publicity
  • Stark against government for discretion, Steve with government for publicity
  • Stark with government for publicity, Steve against government for discretion
  • Stark against government for publicity, Stark with government for discretion

So what do you think, sound off in the comments.


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