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Matthew Chapman

This may very well be my favourite zombie movie.

The story starts pretty much straight away, doesn’t waste too much time trying to explain how and why and by the end of the movie, isn’t entirely wrapped up in a pretty bow.

Brad Pitt is obviously the main lead in this film and a major Hollywood actor but I didn’t feel like that was thrown in our face with close-ups and flashy scenes.

Aside from Brad Pitt, James Badge Dale (Iron Man 3), Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who), Ruth Negga (Raina from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) and Mireille Enos (The Killing) round out a good cast.

The two kids annoyed the crap out of me, always yelling and running away and thankfully they weren’t in the movie a lot.

I really liked that the zombies looked more like human than decayed brain dead meat sacks. These zombies could also run and get in things (cars and doors) instead of being slow and useless.

I watched this movie with my Mum and when it got to the part of the movie where they discover that people with life-threatening illnesses are of no interest to the zombies, who only want healthy hosts, Mum turned to me and said

"I wonder if MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is enough to save me. You're dead but I could survive."

My Mother, ladies and gentlemen! Feelin' the love!

An awesome movie that’s worth repeat viewing and even owning.


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