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Matthew Chapman

I liked both District B13 and District 13: Ultimatum and watched this for David Belle but I had no idea that it was an American remake.

While this isn’t as good as the two previously mentioned films, it’s still a good watch.

David Belle outshines Paul Walker, who is pretty much playing the same role as he does in most of his movies – not that he does it badly!

In one fight scene where Paul Walker is fighting three bad guys in the Brick Mansions, you can clearly see two of them standing off to the side (in what I’m assuming probably wasn’t supposed to be seen) waiting until Paul and the other guy finish their fight before the join in.

This movie also happens to have the typical douche-bag bad guy with the impeccable fashion sense with all the big, gold jeweller

An enjoyable watch, a movie you can turn your brain off and sit back and relax; worth at least one viewing, maybe more.


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